Miss & Mr. Dance of the World 2020 Rules

Miss & Mr. Dance of the World 2021

  • 14 February - Saint Valentine Love Through The Dance Challenge
  • 16 May - Miss & Mister Dance of The World On Tour 2021

Baby Miss & Mister / Mini Miss & Mister / Young Miss & Mister / Miss & Mister
Adult Miss & Mr / Grand Adult Miss & Mr / Senior Miss & Mr

Dance of the World 2021

Beauty contest among dancers


1. General provisions

1.1 The contest «Miss & Mr. Dance of The World 2021» is an official, corporate, cultural event aimed at supporting and developing the creativity of children, young and adult people “Miss and Mr. Dance of The World”.

2. Goals and objectives of the competition

2.1 Goals:

To indentify and provide comprehensive support to talented, to promote their dance creative development, to identify the strongest participants worthy of the honorary title who are able to represent their country at International and World beauty contests among dancers.

2.2 Tasks:

Exchange of experience between participants, support of creative, development of participants, artistry, sense of style and fashion, the ability to create their own image, the ability to keep themselves on stage and communicate with the audience.

3. Terms of participation in the contest

3.1. Contest is divided in 2 divisions: Girls and Boys and in the following age groups:

  • Baby Miss & Baby Mister category under 9 years old
  • Mini Miss & Mini Mister category under 13 years old
  • Young Miss & Young Mister category under 17 years old
  • Miss & Mister - over 17 years old
  • Adult Miss & Mister - over 35 years old
  • Grand Adult Miss & Mister - over 50 years old
  • Senior Miss & Mister - over 60 years old

3.2. Make registration through Champions Tour website, upload 1 video and one photo.

Video can inlcude:

Video (no more than 1 minute) – show dance pre-prepared dance, mise en scene etc. on any topic. The stage image, musical accompaniment and costume are at the discretion of the participant. All show-dances must have high-quality musical accompaniment and can be edited.

Creative video - the best moments, how to walk and video can be shooting anywhere you like. Realize your creativity and imagination.

4. Criteria and Rating

4.1. The winner of the Competition is determined by the highest amount of points received for all types of programs.

4.2. Points are awarded by all members of the Top jury from 5 to 10 for each contest entry.

5. Miss & Mr. Dance of the World Tour Final

The crown title will be broadcasting on live show at the end of the year, date and time to be announced, at live show in Champions Tour Channel. (more details will follow).

6. Winners & Awards

6.1. At the end of the competition, all participants are awarded with certificates and they will receive the comments from our OUSTANDING Jury. Each finalist participant will be awarded a title.

6.2. Participants who won titles in each division and age group are qualified for the FINAL of the World.

6.3. All participants will be invited to attend for free at one week education Online In our One World Academy.

6.4. Gift as well as a valuable prize will be announced.


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