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There is no secret that I want to see the world of dance free and without any restriction, duo so use international accreditation as well as modernize a classical traditions. I’m deeply concerned about the future of our business, under private use of organization and trade market of it, surge to global prominence and strength. I believe we have to take in charge and propagate the REAL open system that is high tech and modern, yet in touch with its past. The others' ranking has a different centre of gravity. At its core are tales of individuals and families bettering their situations through their own efforts. But I want to present the Champions Tour as a natural ally and a crucial facilitator of this process, reinforced whenever reference is made, rather than emphasizing runaway of dancers.

Jerry Abrate

Welcome To The Champions Tour

From 2016, the Champions Tour is a series of dancesport tournaments designed from former dancers. The Champions Tour consists of tournaments played in select open championship where dancers compete in a highly competitive, fan-friendly, fairness, freedom, educational and open to the world format with a champion crowned on the last day of each event.

  • All dancers can competing on the Champions Tour
  • All organizer are indipendent and free to run they own championship with the rules they like
  • Now you can plan your competition along the Champions Tour
  • The Tour is about giving back to you!!!!
  • Accumulating points is the aim of the game!!
  • Points will rank you Regionally, Nationally, Continental, and get voucher back to spend!

Entering the competition in on of the Champions Tour is the first step to qualifying. 

The concept of Champions Tour

Is to take the winners in each age division of the qualifying event and have a run off to determine an overall winner for the competition.

The Overall winner from each participating competition is asked to prepare a one minute and 30 second solo presentation in the dance of their choice for the Grand Finale. 

At the Grand Finale, the overall winners from each competition, and the junior, youth, Adults and Seniors representatives from the Tour, will present their solo and compete for the coveted Best of the Best DanceSport Champions title at they own levels.

The Champions Tour gives each participant the opportunity to focus on improving their dancing thru a Ranking List and the winners the chance to represent himself.

Good luck to all the competitors in the Champions Tour!

Remember, you've got to be in it to win it!


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