Ranking List

During the Happy Training 2018, the organizers of the Champions Tour decided to present four couples with scholarship award to sponsor their paricipation in all Champions Tour competitions 2018/2019.

  • Macarov Alexandr & Ciubucova Anastasia
  • Murafa Oleksiy & Burlakova Anna
  • Nugaev Viktor & Rudakova Vasilisa
  • Andrea Marchetti & Martina Pezzato

With the support of AMM Michelini, four more couple junior latin & standard, youth latin & standard are being sponsored:


  • Andrei Cutasevschi & Maria Turceaninova (ST)
  • Danil Colomiet & Daria Colomiet (LA)


  • Victor Deev & Scachec Polina (ST)
  • Federico De Giorgio & Carlotta Arduino (LA)

Stay tuned for the new winners of the next season. The announcement will be made on Friday 17th April 2020 during the World Dance Awards, Ischia.