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Important Notice

SDMM announces that starting from 10 March 2020, it will observe the total closure of all scheduled activities until the date that the Moldova government will establish, unless otherwise provided that could change the picture of the current situation.  

The SDMM specifies that, since it is founded on the principle of sport and well-being, it wants to be the harbinger of all the obligations necessary to protect the members and protect them from any danger and / or fear.  Therefore, it will endeavor to implement everything that is possible and within the limits permitted by current regulations.  Apologizing for the inconvenience caused, he wishes a return that is ever near and positive for everyone.

The MDSM also states that, aware of the concrete and serious economic hardship caused by the events, we are therefore developing possible solutions.

Best regards,

President Sport Dance Masters of Moldova
Andrei Andronic


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