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ChT Duo Dancesport Online Contest 2020



This event is Open to the World Category:

  • DUO: 2 dancers (boy/boy, girl/girl or boy/girl) can team up and dance side by side or in hold and position depending on your country COVID-19 virus regulations.


  • Latin
  • Standard
  • Caribbean

Age groups:

Standard & Latin:

  • Under 8 (permission required from parent or guardian)
  • Under 13 (permission required from parent or guardian)
  • Under 16 (permission required from parent or guardian)
  • Under 21 (permission required from parent or guardian if participant is under 18)
  • Adult I
  • Adult II Over 35


  • Under 10 (permission required from parent or guardian)
  • Under 18 (permission required from parent or guardian)
  • Adults

NOTE: Participants must be eligible for their age group on the date of the competition, June 7th 2020.

TO ENTER CHT DUO Dancesport Contest Online:

  1. Choose the style, and age group you want to enter
  2. Make a video of your performance in HORIZONTAL (landscape) mode (maximum 1 minute)
  3. Participants MUST use ONLY the music provide by our COMPETITION MUSIC PLAYLIST
  4. Send us your entry and video through our online registration form
  5. Participants under the age of 18 must also send us the WAIVER FORM completed by their parent or guardian to e-mail: [email protected]

You can take part in all styles (Latin, Standard, Caribbean) or choose one of them. However ONLY ONE VIDEO in one age group from each style will be eligible for the competition. The video is limited to 1 minute duration and it may include any combination of the dances in that style, one, several or all dances. It’s up to your creativity.

The best videos of each style, in each age group will qualify for the final battle held live and broadcast on on June 7th.

DRESS CODE: All styles, and age groups have an open dress code so you are free to wear any costume, there is no restriction.

SYLLABUS: All styles, and age groups are open syllabus. There is no restriction on the choreography so be creative.

JUDGING: Performances will be scored with points to a maximum of 35 points from each judge, according to the following criteria:

  1. Musicality
  2. Technique
  3. Creativity

Registration is now open!

Deadline: 04/06/2020

  • 14:00 Central Europe Time
  • 15:00 Easter Europe Time  
  • 09:00 New York Time

We reserve the right to close entry registration earlier in the case of too many applications.

See you all soon ONLINE on Sunday 07 June!

Terms for Participation

By submiting your application to the competition, you give the organizers the right to process your information, along with your video, share them with the adjudicators for the purposes of evaluation, as well as, to live stream your video (in case you qualify for the live event) and publish your video after the competition in the Dancesport Champions Tour YouTube Channel, web site and social media channels.

If you are submitting us entries on behalf of the participant, you need to have their permission to do so.

If you are minor, you need to have agreement from your parents or legal representative, according to your country of citizenship's laws.


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