CHT World Online Tour

ChT All American Open Championship Online


  • Standard
  • Latin
  • American Smooth
  • Caribbean Mix
  • American Rhythm


  • SOLO
  • COUPLES (only if they live together)
  • GROUPS (only if they live together)

Only SOLO entries will qualify for the WORLD OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP ONLINE held on 02 May.

Age groups

  • Under 10 - Standard & Latin Solo ONLY
    (permission required from parent or guardian)
  • Under 13 - Standard, Latin & Caribbean ONLY
    (permission required from parent or guardian)
  • Under 16 - Standard & Latin Solo ONLY
    (permission required from parent or guardian)
  • Under 19
  • Adults 19-36
  • Adults 36-55
  • Adults 56+

We reserve the right to combine closest age groups and devisions with entries lower than 20.

You can take part in all styles, several, or choose one of them. However ONLY ONE VIDEO from each style will be eligible for the competition. The video is limited to 1 minute duration and it may include any combination of the dances in that style, one, several or all dances. It’s up to your creativity.

Two 2 best videos in every category in each event will qualify for the final battle held live in on platform of ZOOM application and broadcast on our web site on April 21. 

Couples will be marked to compete for ChT American Champion ONLINE title in all styles as a show number.

Winners of SOLO events will qualify to participate in the CHT World Open Championship Online held on May 2nd.

Only solos will qualify for Worlds Championship.



Performances will be scored with points from 1 to 10 according to the following criteria: 

  1. Musicality 
  2. Technique
  3. Choreography

TO ENTER CHT American Open ONLINE Championship:

  1. Choose the style, category and age group you want to enter
  2. Make a video of your performance AT HOME (maximum 1 minute)
  3. Login and register to
  4. Send the video along with the Profile Questionnaire and filled waiver for minors to:


  1. Name and surname of the participant
  2. The country and city you represent
  3. Dance Style
  4. Category 
  5. Age Group
  6. WhatsApp number to contact you
    (If the participant is under the age of 18 the name and WhatsApp number of the Parent or Guardian must be included

Registration is now open!

Deadline: 19/04/2020 

- 09 am Rome time 
- 10 am Moscow time 
- 03 am NY time 
- 03 pm HK time

We reserve the right to close entry registration earlier in the case of too many applications.

See you all soon ONLINE!

MusicMills kindly presents amazing ballroom and latin tracks that all Champions Tour participants can use for filming their videos for our competitions.

Follow this link and enjoy!

Terms for Participation

By submiting your application to the competition, you give the organizers the right to process your information, along with your video, share them with the adjudicators for the purposes of evaluation, as well as, to live stream your video (in case you qualify for the live event) and publish your video after the competition in the Dancesport Champions Tour YouTube Channel, web site and social media channels.

If you are submitting us entries on behalf of the participant, you need to have their permission to do so.

If you are minor, you need to have agreement from your parents or legal representative, according to your country of citizenship's laws.


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